ExoSuit Mod

This mod adds an 'ExoSuit' which acts like both the jetpack and the blade runners at the same time.

  • applies the effects of the jetpack and blade runners
  • currently a 2x boost to sprint speed and jump height
  • reduced fall damage (just like the blade runners)

Added abilites:

  • Dash: temporary speed boost, uses fuel
    • press/hold Ctrl while sprinting
  • Thrusters: move faster while in the air
    • use player movement buttons to accelerate up to a maximum speed

Unlockable in the HUB in tier 6

Configs can be edited in the main menu or in <GameInstall>\FactoryGame\Configs

if you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, you can find me
in the Satisfactory Modding Discord at DaytripperTX#7921

Icon Design by Deantendo#4265

Follow mod progress and comment on bugs etc here

To see the mod in action, check out this spotlight by Random Gamer


  • rebalance HUB unlock price and maybe tier
    • make dependant on having blade runners and jetpack unlocked
  • refine dash/burst-sprint ability
  • add more advanced abilities
  • add custom texture and (maybe) mesh
  • add custom icons
ExoSuit Mod Logo


Created: Apr 23, 2020, 10:49:50 PM
Views: 1,164,434
Downloads: 150,043
Reference: ExoSuitMod