ExoSuit Mod

This mod adds an 'ExoSuit' which acts like both the jetpack and the blade runners at the same time.

  • applies the effects of the jetpack and blade runners
  • currently a 2x boost to sprint speed and jump height
  • reduced fall damage (just like the blade runners)

Added abilites:

  • Dash: temporary speed boost, uses fuel
    • press/hold Ctrl while sprinting

Unlockable in the HUB in tier 6

To customize keybinds, edit the ExoSuitMod.cfg file in the games' Config folder.

if you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, you can find me
in the Satisfactory Modding Discord at DaytripperTX#7921

Icon Design by Deantendo#4265

Follow mod progress and comment on bugs etc here

To see the mod in action, check out this spotlight by Random Gamer


  • rebalance HUB unlock price and maybe tier
    • make dependant on having blade runners and jetpack unlocked
  • refine dash/burst-sprint ability
  • add more advanced abilities
  • add custom texture and (maybe) mesh
  • add custom icons
ExoSuit Mod Logo


Created: Apr 23, 2020, 10:49:50 PM
Views: 890,118
Downloads: 113,091
Reference: ExoSuitMod