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Automatically keep your inventory stocked from the containers around you, request specific items from them, or send out excess items from your inventory!

This mod introduces a number of new modules for PowerSuits that allow the user to transer items to and from containers and machines in the world.

More demonstration videos coming to the mod page soon.

Works well with the PowerSuit Modules suite of mods.

Please leave suggestions and report issues either on the Nog's Mods Discord or as a Github issue.


The balance of this mod is still being figured out. Power costs, recipes, and unlock order are all highly likely to change.

Feedback on the current balance, performance issues, and your thoughts on the mod in general would be greatly appreciated. The Discord is the best place to reach us.

This mod has been tested in singleplayer, but limited testing has been done in multiplayer. Expect bugs if you try to use it there.

Modules on Offer

All Modules except 'Logistics Pocket Dimension' are Unique (additional copies of the same module can't be installed)

Functional Modules


This video demonstrates the Logistics Build and Logistics Request modules

More demonstration videos coming soon.

The further away the item is, the more power the module consumes, and the longer it takes to arrive. Active transfer tasks will appear above your suit HUD in the left.

  • Logistics Build
    • Short range, fast transfer speed
    • Request items from nearby containers when you are missing something you need to build with the Build Gun.
    • Compatible with Smart!
  • Logistics Subscribe
    • Medium range, normal transfer speed
    • Specify quantities of items to be kept in your inventory. When you are below this amount, items will be removed from containers in range to refill you.
    • You can import/export settings for the module from your clipboard
  • Logistics Disperse
    • Medium range, normal transfer speed
    • Specify quantities of items over which the rest should be sent out of your inventory.
    • Valid container targets are ones that already have some of that item, or have filters set via the Inventory Filters mod
    • You can import/export settings for the module from your clipboard
  • Logistics Request
    • Long range, normal transfer speed
    • Search for specific items, and request a stack of them at a time from containers in range.
    • You can import from your clipboard to request every item specified
    • You can press a button to request all items you are missing to satisfy your To Do List.
  • Logistics Pocket Dimension
    • Range N/A
    • An 'inventory expansion' that adds a separate compartment to your inventory
    • Slightly outdated demo video
    • Specify a specific item in its filter, and one stack of that item will be kept in your inventory. Any extra will be moved to the compartment. If you fall below a full stack, the stack will be refilled from the compartment.
    • Multiple can be installed
    • Mk1: 7 slots. Mk2: 14 slots

Enhancement Modules

  • Logistics Power Amplifier
    • Increases the speed at which power costs ramp down at the expense of increased cost per operation
  • Logistics Power Stabilizer
    • Decreases the per-item power cost of logistics operations, but it takes longer for the power cost to ramp down
  • Logistics Power Synchronizer
    • Reduces the cost of all Logistics operations and generates additional Power depending on how many other Logistics modules are installed in the suit.
  • Logistics Range Increaser Mk1
    • Increases logistics operation range
  • Logistics Range Increaser Mk2
    • Increases logistics operation range

Mod Compatibility

  • Any mod that deletes building clearances will probably break this mod, as it searches for Clearances to locate buildings to interact with
  • The Logistic Build module is compatible with Smart!
  • The Subscribe, Disperse, and Request modules should be compatible with any modded building that has an inventory component defined in the correct manner. Mod developers, contact us for more info.
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