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Small Storage Container

This is a compact, stackable and paintable storage container with a fully functional vanilla Storage UI, an 8 slot inventory, a belt input and an output.

The Small Storage Container is unlocked automatically and can be found in the build menu under Organization > Storage.

You can edit the inventory size of small storage containers from the Main Menu>Mods>SmallStorage, or from the config file located at <gameinstall>\FactoryGame\Configs\SmallStorage.cfg . This counts as cheating and one day you will have to answer for your crimes.

REGARDING MANUAL INSTALLATION: First of all, just don't. Use the Mod Manager instead. If you insist on manual installation you also need to install this mod. If you are using the mod manager, it will download this dependency for you automatically.

Fully compatible with multiplayer.


You can find me on the ficsit.app modding discord (Avery#5241) if you have any feedback or bug reports.


Model and texture assets 'ethically recycled'™ from the Coffee Stain Studios' dumpsters

Icon by Deantendo#4265


Small Storage Container Logo


Created: Sep 25, 2020, 5:12:38 PM
Views: 458,203
Downloads: 38,800
Reference: SmallStorage