The new test Fluids is now imported.


You can use the ContentLib-Recipe mod to use in your game.

go you where your safisfactory is insalled and to down to this location

{Satisfactor Installed Location}\FactoryGame\Config

Create a folder in there called "Recipes"

In the Recipes folder you will create a text file and name it "Recipe-{name you choose}.json

open in notepad and paste the following (you need to make a new file per recipe you want)

{ "$schema": "", "Name": "Dark47A", "Ingredients": [

  "Item": "Desc_Water",
  "Amount": 5000

], "Products": [ { "Item": "Desc_Dark47A", "Amount": 10000 } ], "ManufacturingDuration": 1, "ProducedIn": ["Build_Blender"], "UnlockedBy": ["Schematic_1-1"], "Category" : "!Dark Item Test" }


Created: Aug 10, 2021, 5:27:51 PM