Aquila Industrial

Start a NEW GAME in a big Flat World and extract all the Omni Material to expand your factory.

  • In multiplayer, the host have to build the hub and the joined player have to Respawn


  • Start a game with Tier 1 Complete (mark the option at start "SKIP INTRO")
  • Quickly try to research Omni Organic on the Hub and automatize Omni Material -> Omni Organic -> Wood -> Biomass

Compatibility with +100 More Milestones Mod:

Not compatible with any other mods that adds new RESOURCES to mine and not compatible with "The Floor Is Lava" Mod.

Space Block

Space Block

Space Block

If you want a challenge to no been able to walk on the big FLAT world, use The Floor Is Lava Mod:

Any ideas / Suggestion / Need Some Help / Bug Report :

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