Miner Mk4 Mod

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Im modding for free, but if u want u can donate here to support a little Paypal

Mod spotlight by Random Gamer: https://youtu.be/8S9qIEMcIWo

This can do 6 * 2000 which means each output can do 2000 if you use my MK6 conveyor mod when its updated. And it should give the same on pure, normal and impure

If there is a bug or you just have an idea please contact me on discord NumseBacon#6069

T7 research cost:

500 Supercomputers 
500 Motors

Cost for Miner Mk4:

4 Portable Miners
10 Motors
6 Supercomputers
50 Steel pipe
2 Electromagnetic Control Rods
Miner Mk4 Mod Logo


Created: Feb 7, 2020, 7:23:40 PM
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Reference: Miner_Mk4