So you've made it to the end of your nuclear build, but you find yourself storing your plutonium waste in some bunker like a rodent hiding its meals for winter. Why are you doing that? That's not efficient! You can't even call yourself a FICSIT engineer with that kind of attitude!

So What Does It Do?

This is a mod that adds the ability to make your plutonium waste not radioactive, and adds in a bunch of new parts with their own textures and uses and process and factory goodness. As in, you do not have to have plutonium waste in your world for this mod to be useful: the alternate recipes provided by it make it well-worth an install on their own!

There are five new parts introduced in this mod, which is unlocked in the HUB at tiers 7 and 8. Each of the parts below has the exact recipe and any alternates listed in an expandable section below the bullet points. Just click to expand.

Lead Ore

  • Made from sulfur and water in a refinery in a process exactly like sulfuric acid. Also makes sulfuric acid.
  • Worth 15 points in the AWESOME Sink.
Lead Ore Recipes (Click to expand.)

Lead Ore

Building: Refinery | Duration: 5 seconds

Sulfur(I) Water(I) Lead Ore(O) Sulfuric Acid(O)
5 5m3 3 4m3
Per Min Per Min Per Min Per Min
60 60m3 36 48m3

Alternate: Filtered Lead

Building: Refinery | Duration: 5 seconds | Unlocked via Hard Drive

Sulfuric Acid(I) Lead Ore(O) Water(O)
4 2 2m3
Per Min Per Min Per Min
48m3 24 24m3

Lead Reduction Agent

  • Made from petroleum coke, iron ore, and limestone in a manufacturer, or with coal and silica if a hard drive is analyzed in the MAM.
  • Worth 55 points in the AWESOME Sink.
Lead Reduction Agent Recipes (Click to expand.)

Lead Reduction Agent (LRA)

Building: Manufacturer | Duration: 6 seconds

Limestone(I) Iron Ore(I) Petroleum Coke(I) LRA(O)
8 8 20 9
Per Min Per Min Per Min Per Min
80 80 200 90

Alternate: Crystal Reduction Agent

Building: Assembler | Duration: 8 seconds | Unlocked via Hard Drive

Silica(I) Coal(I) LRA(O)
15 20 9
Per Min Per Min Per Min
112.5 150 67.5

Lead Ingots

  • Made from Lead Ore and Lead Reduction Agent in a foundry.
  • Worth 65 points in the AWESOME Sink.
Lead Ingot Recipe (Click to expand.)

Lead Ingot

Building: Foundry | Duration: 4 seconds

Lead Ore(I) LRA(I) Lead Ingot(O)
1 2 2
Per Min Per Min Per Min
15 30 30

Lead Sheet

  • Made from Lead Ingots and Aluminum Ingots in an assembler.
  • Worth 515 points in the AWESOME Sink.
Lead Sheet Recipe(Click to expand.)

Lead Sheet

Building: Assembler | Duration: 12 seconds

Lead Ingot(I) Aluminum Ingot(I) Lead Sheet(O)
9 3 2
Per Min Per Min Per Min
45 15 10

Shielded Waste

  • Made from Plutonium Waste and Lead Sheets in an assembler.
  • Shielded Waste stacks in groups of 500 and is not radioactive, but cannot be deleted or sank.
Shielded Waste Recipes (Click to expand.)

Shielded Waste

Building: Assembler | Duration: 18 seconds

Lead Sheet(I) Plutonium Waste(I) Shielded Waste(O)
6 1 1
Per Min Per Min Per Min
20 3.3333 3.3333

Alternate: Efficient Waste Shielding

Building: Manufacturer | Duration: 4 seconds | Unlocked via Hard Drive

Lead Sheet(I) Plutonium Waste(I) Uranium Waste(I) Quickwire(I) Shielded Waste(O)
1 1 6 20 3
Per Min Per Min Per Min Per Min Per Min
15 15 90 300 45

Additional Alternates for Base Game Parts

While the process can be laborious, there are other benefits and processes that can be improved with the addition of these new parts. At tier 7 in the HUB, a milestone can be unlocked to allow for all of the following:

  • A.I. Limiters made using Lead Sheets and Quickwire in an assembler.
  • Batteries made using Lead Sheets, Sulfuric Acid, and Alumina Solution in a blender.
  • Color Cartridges made using Polymer Resin, LRA, and Water in a blender.
  • Heavy Modular Frames using Lead Sheets and Modular Frames in an assembler.
  • Quickwire made using Lead Ore, Caterium Ingots, and Water in a blender.
  • Steel Ingots made using Lead Reduction Agent in a smelter.
  • Sulfur made using LRA and Sulfuric Acid in a refinery.
  • Wire made using Lead Ingots in a constructor.

Collision Breakthroughs

After unlocking Lead Refinement and Waste Shielding, it is possible to send up 18000 Shielded Waste and a Hard Drive to unlock the following two recipes in the particle accelerator:

  • Accelerated Sulfuric Amplification: Takes LRA, Sulfur, and Sulfuric Acid to make more Sulfur than was given in as input total. This allows for power and other resources to help augment the lack of sulfur in the game.
  • Overclocking Breakthrough: Takes a full stack of Shielded Waste together with five Pressure Conversion Cubes and creates a Power Shard. This process uses between 1250MW and 5000MW of power, even for late-game bases. The point of the recipe isn't the power shard, but rather a very expensive, late-game process that disposes of the waste.

The Idea Behind the Mod + Hints

I've seen a lot of people asking about this sort of thing, and I wanted to provide the community with a balanced process to add after plutonium. This is based off a real-life process using the minerals available in-game, which would help explain its complexity. So if you're wondering why Petroleum Coke is used... here's your answer!

The main thrust of the mod is to try and interfere as little as possible with the game the way it is presented. To that end, Uranium Waste cannot be shielded directly, nor do I have any plans on making it possible. There is already a way to do that in the game, so just do that and sink the Plutonium Rods. But if you want to use those rods, this mod has you covered.

Running the Numbers

I'll leave the exact numbers up to you, but using only the unlocks in T7 for Lead Refinement, this process was built with the following in mind:

  • These numbers are adapted for 20x nuclear reactors making 200 Uranium Waste per minute, feeding through a process to make 1 Plutonium Rod per minute, creating 10 Plutonium Waste per minute. Adjust your numbers accordingly.
    • It takes four refineries for Lead Ore. This recipe was deliberately made to mimic Sulfuric Acid, and you can probably adapt your existing Sulfuric Acid production to help produce the lead.
    • It takes three manufacturers for Lead Reduction Agent, and one impure oil node along with the Heavy Oil Residue alternate can provide exactly the 600 Petroleum Coke per minute required. If you do not want to use the Coke, there is always the alternatives the mod adds.
    • It takes nine foundries to make the ingots using the previous two parts.
    • It takes six assemblers to use up all the Lead Ingots made, together with an additional 90 Aluminum Ingots per minute to make the Lead Sheets.
    • This many Lead Sheets will perfectly feed three assemblers that will clad the Plutonium Waste with protective coating.

What happens if an Update breaks this mod? Will my world's power shut down?

Nope! Because if you're smart, you'll feed the shielding process from your plutonium storage. That means worst case is the game is loaded without the mod, deletes what's already been stored as shielded waste (because it's a modded item that doesn't exist,) and the system is ready for when the mod is updated!

I have feedback for you!

As long as it's constructive, well-thought-out, and isn't "make it so we can sink the shielded waste" or "make it so we can shield Uranium Waste," I'm all ears! Find me on the Satisfactory Modding Discord and ping me with your idea. If it's a bug fix, I'll get right on it. If its an involved idea, keep in mind that I probably don't know how to implement it, since I don't code for Unreal.


To those in the modding Discord that helped with this, thank you! Models were borrowed from the base game, so thank you to CSS for those! A special thanks to Deantendo#4265 for the icon. If you'd like to drop them some money to fuel their raging graphic design addiction, here is where you can leave them a tip. I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

Wow you typed a lot...

I did! Let me finish by saying please have fun with the mod, remember your hazmat suit, and stay efficient!

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