What's in this one

New Features

  • FICSIT Inc. is investigating some interference in your transmissions...
  • New Building ???? Radar: a building schematic has been provided to pin point the weird signals, marking them on your compass
  • Discover the source of the signal to proceed deeper in your research
  • New Material: Ezromite is given when the player discover the first node of the Slug Principles Tree (see Changes below)
  • New Material: ?????cite, ????kite, ??????mium only one of them can be obtained currently through Discovery
  • New Building Upgrade: unlocked through Discovery
  • Changes

  • Energy Pool: it's now an UNIQUE building (there can be only one)
  • Energy Pool: swapped building ingredient: now requires 1 Ezromite instead of 1 Green Slug
  • Energy Pool: changed production speed: now produces 1 m3 every 120 sec
  • Energy Pool: added visual indicator to reflect the liquid production state (no more empty pool)
  • Energy Pool: Revisited the Mesh to make it more compact while trying to mantain the aestethic of it
  • Infuser: increased infusing time from 10 sec to 60 sec
  • You may hear some messages during the game...
  • Comments [Spoilers]

    Hi everyone, finally managed to deliver this update which i was really excited about. Let's go by steps:

    The update introduces some needed changes to the Energy Pool: its production is faster (2 min x 1 m3 of Energy Liquid), the building was always intended to be slow and almost inefficient... But it resulted in way too much "sluggishness" (pun intended).

    The building was always thought as a Unique building that will be the core of your production (this may be clearer in future updates), that's why Ezromite has been introduced as required (and unique) ingredient for its construction.

    The Ezromite is obtained when researching the first node of the SlugPrinciples MAM tree (if you don't have enough space it will be dropped on the ground but beware as it may easily camouflage within the grass). If you have discovered it already in your saves it shouldn't be an issue since it will be given back if you dismantle the Energy Pool.

    I also changed the aspect of it: reaching the main part of the Energy Pool didn't felt right, it was not easy to be accessed on the fly. So i shrunk it down at the height, made the ramp less steep, shorter and you can even jump to reach the top of the stairs (i believe...)

    The pool also not empty anymore! When producing the Energy Liquid, the pool will slowly fill with the greenish moving liquid. Once you sccop it with a bucket it will go away.

    About the infuser: the changes felt required by the balancing of the Energy Pool. Despite the manuality of it you can still build multiple copies of it so it shouldn't impact too much your production

    Now into the new stuff [SPOILER ALERT]:

    I always wanted to incentivize exploration as previously stated and when the mod was initially designed i saw an opportunity to have a story attached to it that would fit it. Both of those things are now introduced with this update!

    There are a total (for now) of 25 misterious devices called Octahedron. They work similarly to Drop Pods: you need to provide materials to repair to get the loot inside of them. For now the Octahedron will reward with research material that will be needed to progress in the MAM tree. Only 1 Material has been introduced for now, Asbelcite, which will unlock your first Building Upgrade (more on that later).

    Octahedron have been designed to be the equivalent of a Milestone unlock in terms of materials required.

    To accompany all of this a Discovery System has been implemented: The Artifact Radar (the research of which will be available once you research the Infuser) will help you discover the location of the CLOSEST Octahedron.

    The Artifact Radar it's a T4 building as it requires steel parts but also Crystal Oscillators (So be sure to unlock those Bauxite Tree nodes). It needs to be sustained for 10 min with a constant supply of 150 MW. Once the scanning is completed the Artifact Radar Menu will show you the materials required by the Octahedron that has been located (so that you can load everything on your vehicle or pocket dimension).

    A beacon will be placed at the Octahedron location and it will be visible on your compass as "Unknown Signal". A ping will also be provided to the player in the direction of the beacon. Once the target has been found the Radar will stop functioning until the Octahedron has been unlocked and the content is used in the MAM tree.

    At the moment only Asbelcite can be unlocked. Unlocking further Octahedron will yield no additional rewards so be patient while further unlocks and rewards gets implemented.

    Researching the Asbelcite in the MAM will yield your first building upgrade: Energy Pool MK2!

    The new Energy Pool MK2 can be used only on an existing Energy Pool MK1. The new upgrade has some neat stuff to offer: a conveyor belt to the side to insert slugs and 2 new recipes.

    The 2 recipes let you use Yellow and Purple slugs respectively to produce Energy Liquid. The Yellow Slug recipe takes 3 minutes (instead of the current 2) to produce 2 m3 of Energy Liquid (50% more efficient) while Purple Slug Recipe takes 4 minutes to produce 3 m3 of Liquid Energy (100% more efficient)

    Next update will be focused to expand unlocks for the Octahedron and Addons for the Energy Pool MK 2 that will be aimed toward automation. My intention to get to full automation is to be a bigger challenge (equivalent to the one given by the space elevator) and hopefully i'll manage to tie that to the story that has just started to be teased.

    Oh i was almost forgetting: we now have a Discord Server! It's empty right now, i didn't had time to write down some stuff as i was focusing on this update but hopefully it will be a place for you to easily get in touch, share your feedbacks and suggestions.

    The Discord is available through this invitation link

    Thanks again for all your support.

    Enjoy your game.



    Created: Jun 8, 2021, 6:19:48 PM