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This is a series of Progression Mods that aim to interact with the inhabitants of the Satisfactory Planet while trying to introduce different mechanics.

The first of this series is Chapter 1: Slug Principles

Mod Phase: Alpha

*Alpha: some features may be missing or not working as intended

Discover the Slug

Fetch those slugs and unlock a new research branch! Be prepared in how many Slug you will need so start exploring and hunting!

More than Overclocking

Many utilities will be uncovered in your voyage... But those who go deeper will be rewarded...


What's Next

To Do List

  • New Resources (Dense Sand, Energized Rod, Slimy Compost)
  • A building converting Slimy compost into a random fruit
  • A glowy fluorescent lamp to light up your path or give your factory some mood
  • Automation!
  • Manipulation of the liquid Energy
  • And More!


    checkmarked nodes are those already implemented in the mod so far



    If you wish to report an issue, share your feedback on the mod or report me for Slug abuse, you can find me on the Satisfactory Modding Discord.

    Feel free to ping me @Drejn#9764 or send me a Private Message. I'll be glad to help.

    Enjoy and have fun,

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Created: May 4, 2021, 12:37:01 AM
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