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This is a series of Progression Mods that aim to interact with the inhabitants of the Satisfactory Planet while trying to introduce different mechanics.

The first of this series is Chapter 1: Slug Principles

Mod Phase: Alpha

*Alpha: some features may be missing or not working as intended

Discover the Power

Fetch those slugs and unlock a new research branch! Be prepared in how many Slug you will need so start exploring and hunting!

More than Overclocking

Many utilities will be uncovered in your voyage... But those who go deeper will be rewarded...

The Oddities of the Planet

As you spoiling the planet of its resources

Content Overview

Energy Pool

It all starts from here: the Energy Pool. The building processes Power Slugs into the main resource: Energy Liquid.



The infuser impermeates resources with Liquid Energy to create new materials with new and different properties

The Building is composed by an Inlet, where the resources are manually provided, and a container where Energy Drink can be poured on the resource inputed.


Here's a Demo showcasing the building in action LINK

Bio Brewery

The Bio Brewery uses Mycelia spores to sollicitate the spontaneous growth of flora using Slimy Compost as a Fertilizer bursting into fruits.

The Building takes Water and Slimy Compost as inputs and it requires a constant supply:

Every minute the Bio Brewery will drain 90 Water and Use 1 Slimy Compost.

Every 5 minutes a certain amount of Berries, Nuts and Mycelia will be generated that can be manually picked up.

Every 10 minutes the Bio Brewery will change its growth stage, producing more fruits the further the stage.

The process will end at 50 minutes mark at which point the process will end and start from stage 0 (once the proper input are provided)


To Do List

  • Automation!
  • Manipulation of the liquid Energy
  • And More!

    Latest Pach Notes

    What's in this one

    New Features

  • Fluid Press: building attachment for Energy Pool MK2. Brings automation for Energy Drink crafting
  • Modular Storage: versatile building that can be used for storing items and, if needed, fluids
  • Research Tree has been expanded with new researches that can be unlocked through the Discovery Sytem
  • Added 2 new resources to the Discovery System
  • Changes

  • Added descriptions to both items and buildings to convey better their utility and how to use them
  • Lowered Artifact Radar items required:

    now requires the following materials:

    4x Crystal Oscillator
    100x Modular Frame
    10x Beacon
    200x Copper Sheet
    5x Energized Rod

    The Building requirement have been changed in accordance with the above requirements.
  • Added Energy Drink as a research cost for the Infuser
  • Revamped the Artifact Radar and Octahedron UI
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to the Discovery System
  • Comments

    Hey everyone, hope you're doing well. In this update we finally deliver some deserved automation through the Fluid Press.

    The machine is simple on its own and doesn't have a UI (i don't think it needs it as it is straightforward).

    Above all the Modular Storage makes its appereance: it's a really complex building as it can be customized through research and through its UI.

    Did i tell you already it has a built-in item filtering? You can decide which item goes where and also limit the stacks of item you wish to utilize for your storage!

    I've also changed the UI of both the Artifact Radar and the Octahedrons. The Discovery System received a bit of revamping in the background so that it will be easier for me to implement new rewards.

    For now chances are you won't be able to fully upgrade the Modular Storage (yet) as there won't be enough resources, but small updates will be delivered as i am able to find more suitable locations for more Octahedrons.

    Hope you will enjoy this update. Thanks always for your support.



    checkmarked nodes are those already implemented in the mod so far:

    Last Update 01/08/2021

    Special Thanks

    Special Thanks go to Deantendo#4265 for the fantastic Mod Icon and all the work he does for the modding community.
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    If you wish to report an issue, share your feedback on the mod or report me for Slug abuse, you can find me on the Satisfactory Modding Discord.

    Feel free to ping me @Drejn#9764 or send me a Private Message. I'll be glad to help.

    We now have our own Discord Server!

    Enjoy and have fun,

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