FicsIt-Networks is a mod for Satisfactory, written in C++/BP using Unreal Engine and the Satisfactory Modloader, which allows you to control, mointor, manage and automate each process of your factory by providing a network system and programmable computers, aswell as other I/O.

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Multiplayer Compatible


You can join our discord server where you can get help for using the mod, where you can share your scripts or just simply discuss the mod.


This is a very complex mod and in it early phase! Be aware that usage can cause issues with saves and that the game might crash. If you find something, please, emmidiatly tell Panakotta00 on discord, in one of my livestreams or as issue on GitHub about it, thanks.


The biggest part of making this mod does get streamed at Panakotta00.



  • Networks

    This is a basic network like the existing power network allowing you to connect buildings with a network connector to the network. When placing a network cable you're also able to automatically add a network adapter to existing Satisfactory Machines to connect them to the network. These networks then allow you to access function from machines and get automatically send signals from machines e.g. no need of polling.

  • Modular Computer

    The modular computer is a building wich has network connector and a power connector. The basic concept is, that you have panele were you can place different modules like the cpu, ram-bars or a drive enabling different features for your computer. There is currently one type of processor, the Lua Processor. It allows you to run complex Lua code which uses the network to interact with your factory.

  • Modular I/O Panel

    The modular I/O Panel is basically a control panel were you can attach different I/O modules like buttons, levers, LEDs, displays and so on. To read and write data to and from a computer.

  • File Systems

    You can read and write files to and from a virtual file system in f.e. a hard drive which you can connect to a computer by the drive holder computer module.

  • Speakers

    With the Speaker-Pole you can play custom sound files ingame on command. So you can alert the player automatically when f.e. the Iron stock runs low.

  • Codeable Splitters/Mergers

    There are also Splitters and Mergers able to connect to the network allowing you to fully customize their behaviour by controlling each step from a computer via. f.e. a lua code.

  • Power Controller

    The Power Controller Pole is basically a smart power switch allowing you to connect and disconnect two different power networks.

  • Network Adapter

    The network adapter allows you to connect any satisfactory machine to the network and allow some basic and some more complex interactions like reading inventories.

  • Monitors & GPUs

    Monitors and GPUs allow you to visualize data in multiple different forms. They also allow you to use montiors as user inputs like Keyboard, Mouse and Touch.

  • And much more!!!


You can find the detailed progress in the project board.

  • fixing some bugs
  • add new sensors (like player sensors)
  • microcontrollers
  • computer power consumption
  • tune and make improvements to general concepts and performance
  • adding support for a visual scripting language
  • port the mod to official mod kit (when released) (the list is dynamic and gets updated based on new ideas)



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Created: Jul 4, 2020, 9:15:55 PM
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