This mod functions a little differently to how normal camera mods work, where other camera mods allow for you to capture your screen using the games display, this mod captures a video by pausing the world and capturing a screenshot at each frame location. This should in theory make this camera ignore any ingame lag, and always produce a smooth output video.

The pipeline is therefore the following: Capture screenshots using this mod, then assemble those screenshots into a video.

This unfortunately comes with the downside that no audio is captured with the video clip.


Press F7 to place spline points in the world. (Spline points are the points which the camera will traverse though)

Press F9 to fly though the camera path without recording images. Press F10 to capture images while flying through the camera path.

Pressing the + and - keys on the notepad will change the daytime, such that shoots can be taken with a time transition.

Pressing L enters editing mode and makes the mouse visible on the screen. The mouse can then be used to put down new orange nodes by clicking on an arrow on the camera path. By clicking on an orange ball its placement can be altered.

The path time can be set by doing /cam time 35, which will set the camera path time to 35 seconds. The time between the orange nodes is constant, such that the time between any two nodes will be the amount of nodes (-1) divided by the full path time.

Doing /cam path “C:/imageFolder” allows for the specific output folder to be set. /cam fps 30 allows for the fps of the final recording to be set.

/cam save, saves the current path to the config file. /cam load, loads the path in the config file, this overwrites the current settings.

A word of warning: This mod leaves its markers behind in the world, if it is saved while a path is visible. Therefore please do not save hvile a path exists.

The edit mode hides the player's hud canvas, which means that clicking the escape button while in editing mode gets the player stuck in a state where the menu is hidden and nothing is clickable.

Inorder to assemble the images into a video: Opencv provides a easy way to do this with python.

Feel free to contact me on discord if this gives you any problems. Hax#2731

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