Fluid AWESOME Sink

Tired of packaging your fluids / gases before putting them into the AWESOME Sink?
Just pipe them directly into the Fluid AWESOME Sink!


  • Research the "Fluid AWESOME Sink" Milestone (Tier 2)
  • Then the Recipe will be available right next to the normal AWESOME Sink in the Build Menu.

Point Conversion

The Fluid AWESOME Sink converts fluids / gases with the following Ratios:

Fluid / Gas Points/m³
Nitrogen Gas10
Sulfuric Acid16
Alumina Solution20
Heavy Oil Residue30
Crude Oil30
Nitric Acid94
Liquid Biofuel261

Small Version

If you have the Smallsomesink Small Awesome Sink Mod installed as well you will additionally get access to a small version of the Fluid Awesome Sink:


This mod is multiplayer compatible.


In case something doesn't work correctly or you encounter a bug, please post a report in the modding discord server so i can work on fixing it.
You can join the modding discord server here.
Alternatively you can also send me a message directly via Discord: Turtlefight#6892


  • Icon by Deantendo#4265 ( Care to tip Deantendo? )
    Animation by HeartKey#0101
  • AngryBeaver#9028 for the Satisfactory Modeling Tools
Fluid AWESOME Sink Logo


Created: Jul 24, 2021, 2:29:10 PM
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Reference: FluidResourceSink