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It's just a T crossing walkway but without a gap in the railing that can be walked through. You can still crouchslide under the railing. It is unlocked automatically when you unlock the vanilla walkways in the AWESOME shop.

This mod also adds a double length unsquished version of the vanilla straight walkway.


You can find me on the ficsit.app modding discord (Avery#5241) if you have any feedback or bug reports.


Model and texture assets 'ethically recycled'™ from the Coffee Stain Studios' dumpsters

Commissioned by Mighty Mackinac


2 SafeT walkways, note that they are no longer squished lengthwise.

Comparison between the vanilla straight walkway and the new unsquished/2x length straight walkway

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Created: Sep 1, 2020, 6:42:55 AM
Views: 297,386
Downloads: 19,074
Reference: SafeTWalkways