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Hotswap Equipment

This mod adds keybinds to quickly swap between body slot equipment such as the Jetpack or the Gas Mask. None of these keybinds are set by default! Go to Options>Keybindings to set them.

All of the vanilla body slot equipment items have their own hardcoded Action Mapping. Modded equipment items are also supported, but they use the generic 'Hotswap Modded Equipment XX' Action Mappings. These mappings are automaticaly assigned to up to 10 modded equipment items. A chat message on load will tell you which Action Mapping is associated with each item.

These assignments can change if you add or remove equipment mods, which means you will need to edit your keybinds again.

This mod is multiplayer compatible, but some other equipment mods are not. If client players using modded equipment items causes a crash, it's probably not my problem, go bother the other dev.


Icon by Deantendo


You can find me on the ficsit.app modding discord (Avery#5241) if you have any feedback or bug reports.

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Created: Jun 21, 2021, 9:53:43 AM
Views: 43,107
Downloads: 1,758
Reference: HotswapEquipment