Nog's Customizable Level

A empty custom world great for mod testing, creative building, and challenge playthroughs!

Pick your options for the map, then get started!

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Sped Up time


Another game world for you to play in that loads significantly faster than the base game's world.

The level is great for testing mods or build plans, and it offers the ability to option to start with everything unlocked, and with the No Power and No Build Cost cheats enabled. Even with cheats turned off, the map theoretically has everything you'd need to play a game to completion.

By default the level contains the following:

  • A orange starting platform with respawning Leaves, Flower Petals, and Wood pickups (since there is no foliage in the world) as well as food items, power slugs, and hard drives that respawn on much longer timers.
  • One of each Resource Node and Well in Pure quality (and a Geyser)
  • A large body of water for placing Water Extractors on.
  • A small region of toxic gas (for testing).


  • Node Spawn
    • With this option enabled, the mod will automatically spawn a resource node for each loaded ore. This automatically works with other mods you have installed (assuming they registered their resources correctly).
  • No Ground
    • Great for Skyblock/Spaceblock/Void World challenges!
    • There is nothing in the world than the starting cube, water, and resource nodes. You'll need to build out foundations to access things.
    • If you fall off, you'll fall for a very long time before dying - consider using 'Respawn' from the pause menu to avoid the wait. Void World
  • Water World
    • Great for Seablock challenges!
    • The entire world is an ocean! Resource nodes are at the surface. Water World
  • Custom Day&Night
    • With this option disabled, there is no day/night cycle in the world - it is always daylight, although there is no visible sun in the sky.
  • Unlock Schematics
    • Automatically gives you every loaded Schematic, MAM Research Tree, AWESOME Shop Purchase, and Alternate Recipe when you enter the map.
  • Cheat NoPower
    • Automatically enables the NoPower cheat, meaning that buildings do not require power to operate (just an electric connection) and vehicles operate without requiring fuel.
  • Cheat NoCost
    • Automatically enables the NoCost cheat, meaning that constructing things with the Build Gun does not require having the requisite resources in your inventory.
  • Skip Tutorial
    • Does nearly the same thing as the base game's Skip Tutorial option. This is here so that the map can be automatically launched with the option (for use by other mods down the line)

Useful for Testing

Since there are fewer things in the world to load, using NogsLevel as your mod testing map will significantly reduce the amount of time you have to wait for the game to launch to test your mod. It may not seem like much, but the time shaved off every reload will add up.

Load Time Comparison Video

Base game - ~7 seconds

See Base Game video here

NogsLevel - Under 4 seconds

See NogsLevel video here

You can use the directions below to create a Powershell script that will automatically launch the game and load you directly into a save file of your choice, bypassing the main menu:

Mod Developer Quick Launch Script Instructions

To use NogsLevel as your quick-launch save:

  1. Launch the game normally and create a NogsLevel game save of your liking. Make sure you pay attention to what Session Name you chose.
  2. Make a save from within the game, or allow the game to create an autosave, and make note of what the save is called.
  3. Follow the directions here, but when making the .ini file, instead of using the example there, use this:

where NogsLevel_autosave_0 is replaced with the name of your save.

  1. Close the game and run your Powershell script. If everything worked, the game should launch, and you should bypass the main menu, loading directly into NogsLevel and the save you specified.
  2. Consider setting up the launch script to load autosave_0 as opposed to a specific named save. This means that when your testing world autosaves, the script will always launch you into your 'updated' testing save.


Level Overview

Overview Image

Respawning Resources

Respawning resources




Water body


These images will help you get an idea of how big the world is.

Map Scale

Top-down view from the editor of the level, with scale added in the bottom left.

Entire map scale

The orange block you spawn starting on

Orange starting block scale

Coming Soon™

  • Configure the respawn frequency of the respawning materials
  • Enemy spawn locations
  • Optionally spawn a ladder to help if you fall off of the starting orange cube
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