This Mod should fully work in Multiplayer.

Please report bugs on on the Nog's Mods Discord or on GitHub.

This mod is a library mod that adds "suit" body equipment items with inventories, and "equipment module descriptors." Modules placed in the inner inventory of the Suit can influence the bonuses it provides, or execute their own custom code.

!! This mod itself does not add any Modules nor any Suits !!! You will have to install other mods for that. !!

To find Modules check out :


Mod Spotlight:

Satisfactory Ep50 Powersuits 101 - by direwolf20

The mod has changed significantly since the below videos were made, but they are still a good intro to how it works.

PowerSuit & PowerSuit Modules - Satisfactory Mod Spotlight - by Random Gamer

🚧 POWER SUIT MK.3! - Satisfactory Modded Gameplay | Ep28 - by Random Gamer

PowerSuit & Modules Mod Spotlight [Satisfactory Game] - by TotalXclipse


The default controls are:

  • Hold Space to activate Fly Mode
  • Hold "Space" to ascend
  • Hold "Shift" to accelerate directionally (obeys base game Toggle Sprint settings)
  • Hold "C" to descend or apply brakes
  • Press "G" to toggle gravity flight mode
  • Press "K" to toggle frictionless flight mode
  • Press "Ctrl+Shift+M" to show your mouse cursor anywhere
    • You can use this to free your cursor if another mod messes it up
    • Allows you to view tooltips on HUD elements
  • Press "Ctrl+L" to switch to 3rd Person Camera
    • Does not need SML cheats enabled
    • Hand equipment animations are slightly buggy
  • Press "Right-Alt" to open the PowerSuit Popup Window
    • Popup Window can be resized by dragging the bottom right corner
    • Popup Window can be dragged and moved on screen by grabbing the Title

Note that some controls will not do anything unless you have a module that grants you that ability

Keybinds can be adjusted in the base-game Keybind Menu.



When equipped the Suits inner Inventory can be found in the Inventory UI ( This is using NogsPowersuit )



FlightController Fuse and Overdraw

If your suit runs out of power, you will enter Overdraw. The HUD's Fuse Indicator light will turn orange, your handheld controllers will gain a red warning background, and their Overdraw progress bar will begin to increase. While Overdrawing, you can consume an unlimited amount of power, but if you are still out of power when the Overdraw progress bar reaches the maximum, your suit will have to Reboot.

Overdraw Overdraw


When your suit begins to reboot, all of your installed Modules will cease to function, and you must wait for the suit to reboot again before you can use them. This is certainly not advantageous while flying, or in a dangerous environment, so consider investing in modules that increase your Power Capacity or Power Generation.


Author: Nog#6605

Editor: Robb#6731

Icons & UI Art by deantendo#4265

Assets Used: Freepik - Designed by macrovector_official

PowerSuit Logo


Created: Aug 27, 2020, 5:44:34 PM
Views: 811,574
Downloads: 120,620
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