it's as simple as it gets, it's a minimap in game to display on your HUD

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requires vanilla map to be unlocked in game

  • press M ingame to toggle minimap on/off

  • access the option by entering any UI in game (e.g. esc menu) and hovering over the minimap

  • you can click and drag the minimap to move it's location

  • you can zoom in/out by using scroll wheel on the minimap



Mod Review

Mod Review

Change log

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  • Zooming is much quicker


  • MiniMap Locks to North when not rotating


  • updated UI
  • MiniMap shows the world rather than just a texture


  • Added UI to change MiniMap Settings in game (access the UI by hovering over the MiniMap which you can do so by opening any other menu such as the ESC menu)


  • Added an option to rotate minimap with player rotation (see next comment for info)
  • add a bunch of configs which can be changed in the .cfg file found at: Your statisfactory install directory \Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\configs\MiniMap.cfg

For Developers

For Developers who want to hook into the minimap and add any extra features to it, download the src from Download

If you have any ideas or feature request join our discord

UI and logo design by Deantendo#4265

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