To use it, craft the Area Actions equipment in the Equipment Workshop

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Warning: Currently the buildings created by Area Actions don't give refunds when dismantled vanilla, and the vanilla eyedropper doesn't work on them. I am currently rewriting the mod in c++ which will fix this issues. For now, the mod's Mass Dismantle does refund the buildings created by it, and it also has it's own eyedropper (middle click with Area Actions equipped) which works on all buildings

How to use

To use it, craft the Area Actions equipment in the Equipment Workshop. With it equipped, right click to open the menu. On the left side you will see the area selection and on the right the actions.

Area selection:

  • Set corners. Click somewhere to place a corner (shown as a cylinder), click it again to remove it. This will also create some walls which define the area (note: the center of a building is used when checking if it is inside or not)
  • Set minimum height.
  • Set maximum height. Minimum and maximum height can be used on multi floor factories when you only want to dismantle some floors. Click to create a plane which shows the set height, click it again to remove it.
  • Clear
  • Select all map
  • Select a building


  • Mass dismantle
  • Set recipe
  • Set truck/train station load/unload
  • Copy-Paste
  • Fill
  • Clear Inventories
  • Eyedropper: With Area Actions equipped, middle click on a building and it open the build gun with that building selected


  • The corners need to be in clockwise order, otherwise you will end up with a crossing shape
  • Acting on big areas takes a while
  • Anything that takes 2 clicks to place is not copied, but I am working on a fix for that
  • For Copy-Paste and Fill you can choose to use the build costs and if using build costs, max distance for a storage to take items from (min 0m - takes only from player, max 10km - more than the entire map)

See it in action:

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