This mod is a replication of Brabb3l's UtilityMod, but it doesn't need a custom SML version.

Commands start with ! so they don't interfere with SML commands or something else.

Commands are in the chat (open with Enter), not in the console

Multiplayer Compatible

Known issues

  • Fly mode isn't applied for the host when loading the save, but it is for the client when joining
  • Teleporting doesn't rotate you

Available commands ([] - required argument, () - optional argument):

  • !creative - disables build cost
  • !creativepower - disables power requirements
  • !fly - toggles fly mode
  • !fly [slow/medium/fast/insane] - sets flight speed
  • !give [ItemName] (Amount) - gives items (the item name is exactly as you see it in your game in the language your game is; it can be a substring of the full item name)
  • !god - disables damage to player and heals
  • !heal - heals your character
  • !help - displays the help message
  • !noclip - toggles noclip
  • !nocost - disables build cost
  • !nopower - disables power requirements
  • !tp x y z [rotX rotY rotZ] - teleports to the specified location (~ before a number teleports you relative to your current location)
  • !tp save name - saves your current location with the specified name
  • !tp delete name - deletes the location with the specified name
  • !tp name - teleports you to the saved location with the specified name
  • !tplist - lists your saved teleport locations
  • !unlockall - unlocks all research

If you want, check out this mod showcase by RandomGamer:, and one by TotalXclipse:

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Created: Oct 5, 2019, 5:11:13 PM
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