Why Does This Mod Exist?

Did you build a massive Turbo Motor factory prior to Update 4? Did you use the alternate recipes for the Radio Control System and Turbo Rigour Motor before they were changed? Does your absolute unit of a factory now no longer work? Then this mod is for you! It adds in both of those recipes as alternates unlockable via hard drives in the MAM.

Alternate: Classic Turbo Rigour Motor


  • 7 Motor
  • 5 Radio Control Unit
  • 9 A.I. Limiter
  • 7 Stator


  • 3 Turbo Motor
  • Takes 64 seconds.

Alternate: Classic Radio Control System


  • 10 Heat Sink
  • 1 Supercomputer
  • 30 Quartz Crystal


  • 3 Radio Control Unit
  • Takes 48 seconds.


Thank you to Mircea for packaging help and to Deantendo#4265 for the lovely icon. If you'd care to tip Deantendo, I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

Classic Tier 7-8 Alternates Logo


Created: Jun 11, 2021, 8:00:39 AM
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Reference: ClassicT8