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PowerSuit Modules: Fresh from R&D

These special-purpose Modules are fresh from R&D, offering interesting solutions to interesting problems.

This is an addon mod for PowerSuit Modules that offers numerous modules focused on granting the player helpful utilities, as well as the modules that don't fit well into the other sub-mods. This includes:

  • Night Vision
  • Smart belt immunity (Factorio style, but even better!)
  • Keeping your inventory on death (at a balanced cost)
  • Teleporting to the HUB from anywhere (at a balanced cost)
  • Portable MAM, Craft Bench, Equipment Workshop, and Fabrication Station
  • Extended interaction range
  • ... and more!

Disagree with my recipe balance decisions? Make your own with ContentLib Recipes - it's as simple as putting a JSON file in the right folder!

This modpage will eventually be updated with more information. In the mean time, you can find it at the page for the base mod.

See the main mod page here for more information about the mod.

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Created: Jul 12, 2021, 4:23:08 AM
Views: 186,835
Downloads: 34,181
Reference: ArmorModules_Special