Launch the Rocket (aka Production Plus 2 with Nogs Inserters)

Challenge yourself to send a rock to space. Your machines doesn't have inputs/output connectors, use the Nog Inserters!

Special thanks to Nog, Rob, Deantendo e all players from Discord Modding Server.

How to Play:

Starting a new game: You can do a complete factory only researching the Production Plus MAM. Doesnt require to updgrade your hub/mam to go to the end of this challenge.

Using your already made Factory: You could do parallel factories with the new content.

Use the Nogs Inserters mod to feed the machines. Because of a Gamelimitation it’s not possible to place items on a ConveyorBelt directly, put it on Inline Storage Chests.

Tribute to the game Factorio.

You dont need to plug the inserters to your power, just put a cable between them.

This mod has hard dependency on Nogs Inserters

Thanks for NOG for making Nogs Inserter and allowing its use in this mod

Nogs Inserters:

+100 new items to produce, +10 new buildings.

Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

Nogs Inserters demonstration:

[Nogs Inserter

Video by SpielbaerLP


Know Bugs:

  • Stone Furnace and Steel Furnace says it has "No Power", but it doesnt need.
  • Getting the Burner mining drill turns to the vanilla one.
  • Invisible Powerline
  • Jetpack and GasMas without material in the belts
  • You don't need filters, but it alerts in Hazmat Suit and Gas Mask as you need.
  • In multiplayer. Only host can see the tech tree in mam

I'm having a lot of fun making Satisfactory Mods and I hope you are enjoying them! If you want to donate, i would be very grateful.

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Created: Nov 24, 2020, 3:42:08 PM
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