Copy your recipes by pointing and clicking!

With this mod you can select a recipe from a machine and replicate it along multiple machines. You can also aim to a manufacturer and check wich recipe it currently has defined.

Multiplayer compatible

Find me at Satisfactory Modding Discord server (MarcioHuser#2377)

How to use it:

Build the tool at the Workbench and with that you can:
  • See the recipe defined at the machine you are aiming;
  • Select a recipe from a machine by clicking on it while holding Left Ctrl;
  • Define a selected recipe into new machines that can accept it, by clicking while aiming on it. The tool will glow green if the recipe can be defined on the machine; red if not. It will be off if the machine does not use recipes or already has the same recipe defined;



  • Version 2.1.4

    • Fix
      • Fixed a bug that allowed the Hand Tool o copie recipes into invalid producers
  • Version 2.1.3

    • Fix
      • Fixed a bug that would give back Power Shards for a client in multiplayer, when selecting or applying filters to Smart/Programmable splitters
      • Fixed the screen not being updated after applying new filters/recipes to buildings, for clients in a multiplayer session ("overclocking only" changes still does not reflect for clients, unless they interact with the machine and force it to update from the server)
  • Version 2.1.2

    • Fix
      • Fixed Hand Tool scalling for FOV different than 90
  • Version 2.1.1

    • Fix
      • Fixed a bug the would make the Pionner look as a giant in multiplayer, when the Hand Tool was equiped
  • Version 2.1.0

    • QoL
      • Now you can copy Smart/Programmable Splitters settings, too
  • Version 2.0.1

    • Reduced log usage to spam less messages
  • Version 2.0.0

    • Reworked to be compatible with SML 3.0.0 and Update 4
  • Version 0.0.7

    • Fix
      • Fixed T-Pose while the Hand Tool is equiped, in multiplayer
    • Features
      • You can now copy overclock settings from multiple non-recipe based machines (Extractors, Generators, etc)
  • Version 0.0.6

    • Fixes
      • Fixed a bug the would not allow the selected recipe to be defined on a different machine
  • Version 0.0.5

    • Fixes
      • Fixed the ingredients and products being left behind on the device screen when no recipe is selected
    • Features
      • Copy mode is now togglable by clicking the right mouse button. There will be three modes:
        • Recipe and overclock: will copy both settings if any are different than the selected values. This is the initial mode;
        • Recipe only: will copy the recipe, but keep the overclock setting, wichever it is;
        • Overclock only: will copy only the overclock setting, keeping the current recipe
  • Version 0.0.4

    • Features
      • Added multiplayer support
  • Version 0.0.3

    • Fixes
      • Fixed compatibility with MK++, Daisy Chain Power Cables, Stackable Machines and possibly more
  • Version 0.0.2

    • Features
      • Added support to copy the overclock settings, too. To be able to define the new overclock, press shift while clicking. The new overclock will respect the maximum amount that can be defined given the number of available shards. Any shard in excess will be moved into players inventory or dropped on the ground
  • Version 0.0.1

    • Initial release


Multiplayer banner and Mod icon designed by Deantendo#4265 (find him at Satisfactory Modding Discord server)
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Created: Jan 14, 2021, 1:30:51 AM
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