If you update this mod from version 0.2.0 it will remove every modded factory

So please before updating remove your power shard to don't lost them.
This information is ONLY for the old version of mod: 0.2.0 So NO need to remove power shards if you are updating from 0.3.X or from 0.4.X : you are OK.


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Mk++ is totally compatible with multiplayer ! You can easily play online with your friends

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I know that all of you asked for this important feature and now it is here! You can now upgrade your building without the need to remove the old one and surrounding belts/pipes. This process is like any normal upgrade:

  • Recipe, Power shards, Input/Output inventory items are transfered from the old building to a new one.
  • All the belts and pipes and power cables are re-connected to a new building automatically.
  • You will get a refund for the old building


Mk++ add Mk.2, Mk.3 and MK.4 for lots of building to make them more efficient. Every machines are in daisy chain with 4 connections Mk++ add +40 new buildings but with original model :


  • Mk2 Constructor
  • Mk2 Refinery
  • Mk2 Foundry
  • Mk2 Smelter
  • Mk2 Manufacturer
  • Mk2 Assembler
  • Mk2 Water Pump (240 m^3)
  • Mk2 Nuclear Reactor
  • Mk2 Fuel Generator
  • Mk2 Biomass Generator ( with one belt input)
  • Mk2 Packager
  • Mk2 Oil Pump (240 m^3)

These buildings are 150% more efficient, but uses 50% more power


  • Mk3 Constructor
  • Mk3 Refinery
  • Mk3 Foundry
  • Mk3 Smelter
  • Mk3 Manufacturer
  • Mk3 Assembler
  • Mk3 Water Pump (360 m^3)
  • Mk3 Oil Pump (360 m^3)
  • Mk3 Fuel Generator
  • Mk3 Packager

These buildings are 200% more efficient, but uses 100% more power


  • Mk4 Constructor
  • Mk4 Refinery
  • Mk4 Foundry
  • Mk4 Smelter
  • Mk4 Manufacturer
  • Mk4 Assembler
  • Mk4 Water Pump (600 m^3)
  • Mk4 Oil Pump (600 m^3)
  • Mk4 Fuel Generator
  • Mk4 Power Pole (20 connections)
  • Mk4 WallPowerPole
  • Mk4 Miner (720 items / min, 100 MW)
  • Mk4 Packager

These buildings are 500% more efficient, but uses 400% more power

Thanks :

  • Thanks to Random Gamer for his youtube video : https://youtu.be/xjLwknKyKz8
  • Icon by deantendo#4265
  • Quantum Server model by NumseBacon
  • Thanks to Algalish for his help on C++ part

Few Screens

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Created: Apr 4, 2020, 6:09:34 PM
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Reference: MK22k20