Better with Area Actions and Smart Foundations.

This foundation pack includes a variety of upside down and sideways vanilla foundations, in addition to landscape, emissive, and experimental floors, ramps, and walls.

How to unlock?

At your H.U.B., scroll-right through all available Tier 0 Hub Milestones and find the desired bundle to unlock.


  • Adds x3 Upside Down Vanilla Foundations: 8x1m, 8x2m, and 8x4m

  • Adds x1 Upside Down Vanilla Glass Foundation: 8x1m

  • Adds x1 Sideways Vanilla Foundation: 8x8m

  • Adds x1 Sideways Vanilla Glass Foundation: 8x8m

  • Adds x11 Landscape Foundations

  • Adds x11 Landscape Ramps

    • Landscape variants best used with Decoration mod to plant trees, place rocks, and much more.
  • Adds x3 Holodeck Parts (WIP): Foundation / Ramp / Wall

  • Adds x15 Emissive Parts: Foundation / Wall / Ramp - Red, Blue, Green, White, and Yellow

  • Adds x3 Paintable Parts: Foundation / Wall / Ramp

  • Adds x2 "Clean" Parts (WIP): Foundation / Ramp

  • Adds x1 Vanilla Glass Ramp (WIP)

  • Adds x2 Experimental Roundations (WIP)

  • Adds x12 Experimental World Grid Foundations: In 0º, 10º, 15º, 20º, 30º, 40º, 45º, 50º, 60º, 70º, 75º and 80º angles.

    • These spawn a world-grid-aligned vanilla foundation at their denoted angle. They can function as an alignment seed to aid world-grid-aligned construction.

To place various key buildables on the ceiling then check out the Conveyor Floor Hole mod.



Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Holodeck (v0.2.1) WIP

Upside Down Foundation

Landscape Foundations:

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Complete Paintable Fountation and Wall:

Upside Down Foundation

Roundation (WIP):

Upside Down Foundation

World Grid Aligned Foundation Stamps (WIP):

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Emissive Foundation and Walls (Ramps not shown):

Upside Down Foundation

Build Menu:

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Random Gamer Video: Upside Down Foundations (v0.2.1)


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