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Upside Down Foundations and More v0.2.3

This foundation pack includes a variety of upside down and sideways vanilla foundations, in addition to landscape, emissive, and experimental floors, ramps, and walls.

How to unlock?

At your H.U.B., scroll-right through all available Tier 0 Hub Milestones and find the desired bundle to unlock.


  • Adds x3 Upside Down Vanilla Foundations: 8x1m, 8x2m, and 8x4m

  • Adds x1 Upside Down Vanilla Glass Foundation: 8x1m

  • Adds x1 Sideways Vanilla Foundation: 8x8m

  • Adds x1 Sideways Vanilla Glass Foundation: 8x8m

  • Adds x11 Landscape Foundations

  • Adds x11 Landscape Ramps

    • Landscape variants best used with Decoration mod to plant trees, place rocks, and much more.
  • Adds x3 Holodeck Parts (WIP): Foundation / Ramp / Wall

  • Adds x15 Emissive Parts: Foundation / Wall / Ramp - Red, Blue, Green, White, and Yellow

  • Adds x3 Paintable Parts: Foundation / Wall / Ramp

  • Adds x2 "Clean" Parts (WIP): Foundation / Ramp

  • Adds x1 Vanilla Glass Ramp (WIP)

  • Adds x2 Experimental Roundations (WIP)

  • Adds x12 Experimental World Grid Foundations: In 0º, 10º, 15º, 20º, 30º, 40º, 45º, 50º, 60º, 70º, 75º and 80º angles.

    • These spawn a world-grid-aligned vanilla foundation at their denoted angle. They can function as an alignment seed to aid world-grid-aligned construction.

To place various key buildables on the ceiling then check out the Conveyor Floor Hole mod.

Any suggestions and comments welcomed here.


Sideways and Upside Down:


Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Holodeck (v0.2.1) WIP

Upside Down Foundation

Landscape Foundations:

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Complete Paintable Fountation and Wall:

Upside Down Foundation

Roundation (WIP):

Upside Down Foundation

World Grid Aligned Foundation Stamps (WIP):

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Emissive Foundation and Walls (Ramps not shown):

Upside Down Foundation

Build Menu:

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

Upside Down Foundation

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