Perfect Circles is a tool for creating circular foundation arrangements quickly ingame!

Unlock at the HUB Tier 1 for 300 concrete and find the part at the bottom of the Foundations menu under Special

How to use:

Place the part and hit E to open the UI when close enough to interact. 

Everytime a change is made, all spawned foundations are destroyed and the entire assembly rebuilds itself.

The controller object will save its settings and rebuild itself every time the session is loaded, however it is recommened that you remove the controller object once you are happy with the configuration and no longer want to make changes.

The foundations that are placed are vanilla objects and will remain regardless of if the mod is installed or not.

UI Functions:

Drop down menu allows you to select between 1m, 2m, and 4m Foundations.

Divisions is the number of foundations what will be placed along the circumference of the circle.

Z Offset will move the entire assembly up or down by the number of centimeters entered.

Rotation will rotate the entire assembly by number of degrees entered.

Make Perfect checkbox will force the assembly to align all foundation edges on the outside cicumference perfectly, creating a seamless circle.

Perfect Radius is a readout for what the exact radius would be to achieve perfect edge alignment according to the number of divisions of the circle and the side length of the foundation (8m)

Custom Radius is a user defined radius. Deselect the Make Perfect checkbox, and type in any radius you want in centimeters.




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