New Update, this time with proper patchnotes:

  • Radiation Cured Plastic and Radiation Cured Rubber: both now have a conversion rate of 1.25 (80 Resin to 100 Rubber/Plastic). Reduced the Production time to 60 seconds, increased Power usage to 420 MW

  • Vulcanized Rubber: Doubled Rubber Output to 40. Reduced Sulfur cost to 5 (cost is now 1 Sulfur for 8 Rubber)

  • Fibreglass Plastic: Doubled Plastic Output to 36. Reduced Silica cost to 12 (cost is now 1 Silica for 3 Plastic)

  • Catalytic Fuel: Changed Heavy Oil Residue to Fuel Ratio to 3 (using Recovered Silica still reduces total fuel output by 25%). Increased Production time to 12 seconds

  • Recovered Silica: No longer outputs Fuel. Adjusted Fuel cost to keep the ratio the same. Lowered Petroleum Coke cost to 15.

  • Catalytic Resin: Increased Fuel cost to 8m³. Decreased Resin output to 18 to fix a balancing issue

  • Turbo Heavy Fuel: Reduced Production time to 12 seconds

  • Turboformed Plastic and Turboformed Rubber: Increased Turbofuel cost to 18 m³. Decreased Rubber/Plastic cost to 18 (Ratio of Turbofuel to Rubber/Plastic is now 2.666666)

  • New Recipe: Residual Resin; Converts 6m³ Heavy Oil Residue into 6 Resin and 2 m³ Fuel. Unlocked in the Tier 5 RePan Milestone


Created: Sep 22, 2021, 3:16:39 PM