Adds 40 new Recipes mostly related to Oil Production, Electronics, Nuclear and Standard Parts.

Requires ContentLib to work. If the Auto-install fails (if ContentLib Recipes doesn't show up in "Enabled" category in SMM), be sure to grab it!

Multiplayer Stability should be better now, as long as all players have the right mods installed

Things added:

  • 1 Recipe for the Smelter
  • 2 Recipes for the Manufacturer
  • 3 Recipe for the Packager
  • 4 Recipes for the Foundry
  • 11 Recipes for the Refinery
  • 11 Recipes for the Blender
  • 8 Recipes for the Particle Accelerator

This Lite Mod is currently Work-in-Progress.

  • Recipes are now in custom Milestones in corresponding Tiers:

    • Tier 5 - "RePan Oil Processing"
    • Tier 7 - "RePan Cyclic Refining"
    • Tier 8 - "RePan Acid Process" and "RePan Radiation Treatment"
  • A few recipes are locked behind Alternate Recipes, namely behind:

    • Alternate: Pure Iron Ingot
    • Alternate: Heavy Oil Residue
    • Alternate: Heat-Fused Frame
    • Alternate: Pure Quartz Crystal
    • Alternate: Recycled Rubber and Alternate: Recycled Plastic
    • The 3 Turbofuel Recipes (Turbo Heavy Fuel, Turbofuel and Turbo Blend Fuel)
  • There are no new items, just different ways to produce things.

NOTE: This lite mod changes how Turbofuel is produced normally! Be sure to check out the recipes before you save the game, else your hard work may be ruined

A more in-depth explaination of the recipes is currently hidden in the Mod's installation folder FactoryGame\Mods\RePan_Petroleum

For Questions, ping McGalleon#8273 on the Satisfactory Modding Discord

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Created: Jul 23, 2021, 3:54:22 PM
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