Water Pools

Need some Water but no lake in sight? No problem, just place a Water Pool!


  • Adds a Water Pool Building on which a Water Extractor can be placed.
  • The Water Pool can be painted in any color you want

To get the Water Extractor you need to unlock the corresponding Milestone (Tier 3).
Then you can find the Water Pool in the Build Menu under Production -> Fluid Extractors:


This Mod is Multiplayer compatible.


In case something doesn't work correctly or you encounter a bug, please post a report in the modding discord server so i can work on fixing it.
You can join the modding discord server here.
Alternatively you can also send me a message directly via Discord: Turtlefight#6892

Water Pools Logo


Created: Jul 24, 2021, 3:49:48 AM
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