This Mod add's stuff to recycling your waste

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Recycling Mk1 - Production Tier 2

   Unlock Cost - 10 Motors, 15 Modular Frames, 30 Wires

   Recipe Cost - Destructor: 5 Motors, 3 Reinforced Iron Plates, 10 Modular Frames

   Recycling Items - Caterium Highspeed Wire 
                     Copper Cable
                     Copper Wire
                     Iron Plate
                     Iron Rod
                     Modular Frames
                     Reinforced Iron Plate
                     Steal Beam
                     Steal Pipes

Recycling Mk2 - Production Tier 4

   Unlock Cost - 50 Motors, 80 Modular Frames, 150 Wires

   Recycling Items - Crystal Oscillator

Recycling Mk3 - Production Tier 5

   Unlock Cost - 20 Caterium Ingots, 75 Motors, 200 Modular Frames, 500 Wires

   Recycling Items - Circuit Board
                     High Speed Connector

Recycling Mk4 - Production Tier 7

   Unlock Cost - 50 Caterium Ingots, 100 Motors, 250 Modular Frames, 1000 Wires

   Recycling Items - Battery
                     Electromagnetic Control Rod
                     Heat Sink
                     Radio Control Unit

   Description: This Mod add's stuff to recycling your your waste


Unzip all files into your local install's "\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\mods" folder.

Example for default from Epic Games Launcher:

 "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\mods"


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Caterium (Recycled)    Copper (Recycled)     Iron (Recycled)      Steel (Recycled)          Scrap Box            Water Filter

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    Dirt Water
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Created: Feb 9, 2020, 10:54:29 AM
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