IMPORTANT! You MUST unlock Base Building in Tier 1 in the HUB - AND purchase the fences from the Awesome Shop to unlock the content of this mod.


Expanded Walls & Fences brings you a whole bunch of new stuff.

> 14 new wall parts
> 14 new metal wall parts
> 4 curved walls and a metal wall gate
> 12 fence parts

Screenshots time!

Unlock Base building in the HUB

Purchase the railings/fences in the Awesome Shop

Wall parts

Metal wall parts

Other wall parts

Fence parts

Having problems? Come over to the official modding discord and leave a message in the #help-using-mods channel.

To contact the creator of the mod please @ D4rkL0rd#9248

Mod icon/other icons by Deantendo#4265

Expanded Walls And Fences Logo


Created: Feb 12, 2021, 8:29:26 PM
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