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PowerSuit Modules: Suit Regulation

Modules that allow you to fine-tune the operation of your Suit's Power and Fuel systems.

This is an addon mod for PowerSuit Modules that offers numerous modules focused on granting the player additional control over their suit's internal functions. This includes:

  • Suit Power storage
  • Suit Fuel storage and transfer speed boosts
  • Reduce suit Reboot time
  • Increase suit Overdraw safety window
  • Expanded Suit Fuel options
  • ... and more!

This modpage will eventually be updated with more information. In the mean time, you can find it at the page for the base mod.

See the main mod page here for more information about the mod.

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Created: Jul 2, 2021, 3:52:56 AM
Views: 179,697
Downloads: 34,287
Reference: ArmorModules_SuitRegulation