Belt and Miner

all unlockable at tier 4 cost : 400 cable, 50 motor, 25 modular frame

a simple mod that add 3 new belt and lift with different speed

  • mk8: 2000 items/min cost: 1 steel plate and 1 rotor

  • mk9: 4000 items/min cost: 2 reinforced steel and 1 motor

  • mk10: 6000 itemms/min cost: 1 aluminium ingot and 5 quick wire

a new miner, oil pump, water extractor, resuurce well pressurizer/extractor all in mk4

miner mk4 (3 belt)

  • cost : 50 motor, 50 reinforced steel, 2 portable miner and 25 modular frame

water pump (3 pipe)

oil extractor (4 pipe)

resource well extractor (2pipe)

this really need better recipe / balance


kwon bug:

  • packager Mk8 only take 600m3/min (all pipe work but not at the same time,but you can use other input to easly switch recipe like one pipe for oil,another for something else etc

    feedback on github

big thanks to all making modding possible (sml teams, css, and all i forgot)

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Created: Apr 19, 2021, 8:57:01 PM
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Reference: minerplus