This mod allows you to machine-craft all consumable equipment items, because no item mall is complete without an inhaler stockpile. If you want to automate equipment like rifles, hazmat suits or jetpacks, I recommend using my extended Equipment Automation Plus which lets you machine-craft all of the equipment items, not just the consumable ones.

Here is RandomGamer's spotlight of this mod:

Supported Items

  • Portable Miner*
  • Factory Cart
  • Medicinal Inhaler (all 3 recipes)
  • Parachute

How It Works

This mod directly overrides the vanilla recipes for most items, which means a few things:
  • You don't have to unlock anything extra, simply unlocking the recipes like you normally would just gives you the machine-useable recipes as well
  • Machines already set to produce these items will continue to work normally if the mod is uninstalled (with one exception, see below)
  • If Coffee Stain rebalances the recipes in the future I will have to manually update them


The Portable Miner's recipe can't be directly overridden properly and instead has a custom recipe. This means that if this mod is uninstalled, machines set to produce Portable Miners will be reset and lose any items sitting in their output buffer.


This mod is fully compatible with the extended Equipment Automation Plus mod, however due to the way the Portable Miner recipe is implemented, you will have two instances of those in your Assemblers' recipe selection UI.

If you decide to use only Equipment Automation Plus and uninstall Equipment Automation, your factory should continue to work as if nothing changed, with the exception of Assemblers making Portable Miners, which will be reset as described in Exceptions.

This mod may be incompatible with other mods which try to directly override the vanilla equipment recipes.


You can send issues, feature requests or other feedback to me at the official discord; I am Blogmaster Avery on there.
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Created: Mar 26, 2020, 2:42:20 AM
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