More machinery

As usual: Install mods via the Mod Manager. Use the search box to type mod names, and read more about them.

  • Refined Power: Adds lots of power options, from wind, to solar, to water, fusion, and even a Dyson sphere for advanced late game play
  • Mk++: Adds enhanced versions of standard machines which can go MUCH faster
  • Conveyors mod: Adds a belt and lift which can handle 2000 items a minute
  • MK4 miner: A new miner with 6 outputs, and each output can run at 2000/minute
  • More milestones: Adds over 330 items you can unlock via goals
  • Better vehicles: Improved vehicles
  • Powersuit & powersuit modules: Multifunction power suits
  • Storage teleporter: Connect a belt to one end, and have it come out the other end wherever you like
  • Daisy chain power cables: Adds modified machines which can have more than 1 power connection
  • Timelapse cameras: You can place cameras and record a timelapse of your build
  • Compressed fluid buffer: A fluid buffer + power = more storage
  • Huge storage: Adds new storage containers with huge storage
  • Fluid sink: Adds pipe junctions and fluid disposal options
  • Teleporter: Beam yourself from one teleporter to another
  • Hyper boosters: No need to build hypertube cannons! These can accelerate you just as well
  • Rocket launcher: Guess what it adds...
  • Turbo pumps: Adds various oil pumps with 6 outputs
  • Decoration: Allows placing trees and rocks
  • Wireless power: Shoot power across the map with frikkin lazors. Power you machines wirelessly
  • Expanded walls & fences: More walls, more fences, some with slopes, others with curves


Last updated Feb 12th, 2021



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