The first step to create any mod is to install and configure your developer tools environment, this is achieved by installing Unreal Editor with Wise. This is not covered by the video tutorial as it is documented over on the offical SML website here.


The following video tutorial is split into 3 parts.

Simple Buildable

The first video tutorial covers the creation of a simple building that can be placed in game. This building uses the conveyor attachment types to make it place-able on conveyors and other splitters/mergers. We will also cover the requirements for setting up a milestone and recipe.

Part 1 Video

Conveyor Connections

The second video covers adding an input and output conveyor connection to the splitter. I will then show you how Satisfactory uses these connection points to take in items though the input and output the items via an output. This also servers as a simple explication on how to overwrite factory functions.

Part 2 Video

Round Robin Logic

The most complicated part of making a round robin splitter is the logic. In this video 2 more output conveyor connections are added. I then show you how to use variables and blue prints to implement the logic for round robin. This includes the ability to skip full/unconnected conveyors.

Part 3 Video


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