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Latest Version Support

As we work to update Smart! to be compatible with the latest version of Satisfactory we will post regular updates to our patreon!. We also have a Discord offered as a perk of becoming a patron. More granular updates and test builds can be had in the server, come join us!

Current Status

Working Features:

  • basic foundation and wall laying
  • basic building laying
  • auto-connect and auto-recipe

In Progress:

  • Everything else
  • multiplayer


Smart! is the Swiss Army knife of your factory building dreams! There are a few key areas where we can help you take your factory building to the next level!

Foundations, Walls, Ramps

Smart! will allow you to build entire foundations, walls, and ramps in a single click. Go from building each foundation, wall, and ramp individually to laying them out 100 by 100 if you'd like! (and you have enough space for that much concrete!)


Smart! has fine control tools allowing you to create entire rows of buildings, carefully spaced apart to allow you to sneak belts or poles between them, consistently! (if you're into making pretty patterns with your layouts!)

Belts, Mergers, Splitters, Stack

Smart! makes it easy to layout and space all manner of item transportation. With auto-snapping belts you can even lay down a row of splitters that auto-connect to themselves and the closest machines! (unless you enjoy the alignment game with splitters and mergers...)


Smart! has a simple button layout, and lots of visual helpers. We don't require that you build any special tools, unlock any special recipe, or make you use custom foundations or buildings. We extend the base functionality of the game, we don't rebuild it!

Our button layout is:

button modifiers effect
Left Shift must be held + scroll increase/decrease count along the x axis
Left Alt must be held + scroll increase/decrease count along the y axis
Left Alt + Left Shift must be held + scroll increase/decrease count along the z axis
Scroll Wheel any key increases or decreases the key selected
U must be held + scroll increase/decrease steps up/down
T must be held + scroll increase/decrease swirl left/right
E must be held + scroll increase/decrease elevation up/down
P must be held + scroll increase/decrease spacing between items
H toggle lock building position to inspect
M toggle toggle settings screen


Smart! has had quite a few videos made for it, and we're incredibly appreciative of it! Let's start out with a nice overview video for v0.16.

poster for v0.16

We also have an amazing in-depth review by Magenty. Check it out!

poster for review

Prior Releases

These are all the videos for our prior versions.

Prior Releases
poster for v0.15 poster for v0.14 poster for v0.12
v0.15 v0.14 v0.12
poster for v0.11 poster for v0.10 poster for v0.9
v0.11 v0.10 v0.9
poster for v0.8 poster for v0.7 poster for v0.6
v0.8 v0.7 v0.6
poster for v0.5

Recommended Mods

Smart! is more then just helpers! We also love:


The ultimate series of enhanced buildings and machines! Check out Mk++ on SML

X3 Roads

The ultimate upgrade to your roads and logistics. Check out X3 Roads on SML

Support Smart!

Smart! is a passion project, and we're glad to be able to share it with the world! If you like what we've done, please become a patron!

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