Hello new person!
Welcome to the Satisfactory Modding discord and/or the ficsit.app website.

Firstly we'd very much recommend spending a few hundred hours playing without mods so that you don't miss out on the standard experience, or at least unlock T6. That being said; there are non-cheat quality of life mods you could use (list below).

To use mods you will need to install the Satisfactory Mod Manager (SMM) which takes care of all the configurations at install, and is also the best way to get mods working and into the game.

Download the mod manager
Follow the install guide
Get to know the mod manager (it can do a lot!)
Mod list: Quality of life
Mod list: Creative mode
Mod list: More structures

Help with mods:
> 1st step is to ALWAYS read the mod page info.
> Almost all mods require you to unlock them in the HUB
> You can also find help on the discord in the channel #help-using-mods
> Please be sure to carefully read the rules when joining the discord.
> When using PAK utility mod, use ALT to fly down.
> Yes; you can add mods to an existing game, and yes; you can remove them, too. But any buildings a mod added will be gone and would need re-building if you reinstall the mod.

Please note: Mods currently do not work on the Experimental version of the game. Please use the normal Early Access version.

We really hope you have fun with mods, and that you will enjoy the community on Discord.


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