> Where do i get the Mod Manager?

> Is it safe?
Yes. Provided you get it from here ONLY. If you've downloaded it from anywhere but here it's probably not safe.

> Why do i get a warning from windows or my antiviris?
Because we refuse to pay several hundred Euros a year for a certificate.

> Do i need to install anything else?
Unless you run Linux, then no. Installing SMM will also install all the other things you need to make mods work.

> What does SMM do?
SMM is the app which lets you browse and download mods. It takes care of all the technical stuff behind the scenes. No need to extract anything to folders, no DLLs to mess around with, nothing.

> I've heard of SML, is that the Mod Manager or something elese?
SML means Satisfactory Mod Loader - It's installed at the same time as SMM. SML is the bit of software which takes what SMM has downloaded and makes mods work in the game.

It used to stand for Satisfactory Mod Launcher, but we changed that some time ago to avoid confusion.

> How to install the Satisfactory Mod Manager

Step one: You MUST launch the game at least once so that the mod manager can find it. If you do not do this, the mod manager will not work at all.

Step two is download the manager via: smm.ficsit.app

Run the file

Windows protected my pc! That's the thing we don't want to pay for. There should be a bit near the top which says MORE INFO, click that.

OK, next window is the same, but adds some info about application and publisher. "Unknown Publisher is another part of that thing we don't want to pay for. You'll also see info about the Application. At the bottom there should be 2 buttons, you want to press RUN ANYWAY.


Choose Install Options - Hit NEXT

User account control - This again... Hit YES

Choose install location - Install SMM wherever you like, it doesn't matter as it will automatically look for Satisfactory.

Setup complete - All done! Hit FINISH

Windows security alert / firewall - SMM needs to talk to our website to fetch mods, hit ALLOW ACESS


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