No-cheat / QOL mods

As usual: Please install mods via the Mod Manager. Simply type these mod names into the search bar and you can see more info.

  • Foundation Industries: Adds many new buildables
  • Conveyor wall holes: Placable holes for walls
  • Floor hole & ceiling logistics: Various logistics for floors and ceilings
  • Hub terminals: Place a HUB terminal anywhere you like
  • Micro Manage: Lets you move things to get them exactly where you want them
  • Elevators: Build elevators and program floors
  • Holes: Adds various wall parts
  • Flags & signs: Adds various flags and signs
  • Real arachnophobia mode: Turns off the nopes
  • Item Dispenser: Gives stacks of items
  • Item Hopper: You put stuff in
  • Small Storage Container: Sometimes you just need a small container
  • Structural Solutions: Adds many buildables and animated doors
  • ExoSuit: A better version of bladerunners with hazmat suit
  • SMART!: Makes building foundations and other things easier and quicker
  • AreaActions: Another building mod, but with finer control (be sure to enable build cost)
  • X3 signs: Very customisable text signs
  • Game time: Shows game time, real time, and session timer
  • Train power station: Allows connections to rail power without having to build a station
  • Invisible flying manta: Removes the large sky flap-flap
  • Covered conveyors: Adds conveyors with covers.
  • Utility Signs: Adds 2 placable signs
  • Big statues: Same as the normal statues, but bigger
  • Paint Gun MK2: If the standard paint gun is a pistol, this is a machine gun.
  • Recipe copier: Point-and-click recipe copy from one machine to another
  • Efficiency checker: Helps you optimise your factory with live displays
  • Ghost construction: Great for planning a build
  • Rocket runners: More modded bladerunners, these are for running faster
  • Wall pipe supports: Various supports to wall-mount your pipes
  • MiniMap: Gives you a map in the bottom right corner
  • MP sync: Allows multiplayer saves to be sync'd between friends.
  • X3 road: foundations and other parts to build roads
  • Calculator: Adds a calculator
  • Expanded walls & fences: Adds lots of wall and fence versions including slopes and curves


Last updated Feb 12th, 2021


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