Creative mode mods list

As usual; Install mods via the Mod Manager. Just type the mod names here into the search bar to see more info.

  • AreaActions: Copy, paste, delete, repeat
  • SMART: Make building quicker and easier
  • Micro Manage: Move the thing to where you want it
  • PAK utility mod: Offers many commands
  • Item spawner: It..spawns items
  • Magic machine: A machine which gives whatever you want for free
  • Just fly: The best mod for flying
  • Permaday: Daytime all the time. Or night. Or longer days....
  • Passive mode: No enemies
  • Under pressure: No need for pumps
  • No gas pillars: No more suffocating on fart gas
  • No fog: Disables fog


Last updated Jan 21st, 2021


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