Hello. As you may have guessed; I am the UI guy.
I want to help you make your mod at least 5% cooler by designing stuff for it. Importantly; You are totally free to decline, i won't be offended! You can accept, too! I like helping. DO ask for changes etc... It's all good :)

Things i can do for you:
1. Design Icons (mod, unlock etc...)
2. Design UI (you will have to implement until i have time to learn it)
3. Make sounds for your machines
4. Create and provide very punny machine product codes
5. Help you write item and mod descriptions
6. Help with mod ideas

But why take my word for it?
1. I have worked with the majority of modders here
2. I have worked on most mods in some way (sometimes just an icon, sometimes a UI, sometimes more...)
3. I have and do work on Refined Power / RR&D
4. I regularly work with Andre Aquila... yes... the man with a million mods.
5. I designed the look of the mod manager
6. I was a graphic designer in promotions and print for around 10 years
7. All the software and resources i use are properly licenced and/or credited

To see examples look in #art and #work-in-progress

"But how much does this cost?" Nothing. I do this for free and for fun. If your mod interests me i will be happy to work with you on it. Though i only do this for Satisfactory (which means i will decline non-Satisfactory projects or work)
I generally prefer to design a UI around a working mod so that i can fully understand how things interact.

"Are your UI's or components open source?"
No. Many of the icons are proprietry and i am using them withing licese terms (both paid and free assets). A small number of assets are the property of CSS and also used within guidlines. Other assets are custom made by me. Having a UI or assets designed for you by me does not imply a transfer of ownership, but does imply permission to use said assets for your mod and/or as originally intended. Assets may not be shared from any sources provided by me (github, dropbox, or discord for example). I do allow the use of assets in private/patreon (etc) pre-release versions.

Doing the things:
Step 1: You make a basic working version of your mod
Step 2: You @ me in #discussion or #help-making-mods
Step 3: We work on whatever you need until you're happy with the result

Contacting me: See above, but my DMs are friends only as i get a lot of confused folk thinking i made various mods and contacting me for technical help. After you @ me, i'll add you so we can get going.

There are some small requirements, though:
1. At the end of the mod page, please add this text:

<what i did> by Deantendo#4265

This is enough if i just did a mod icon or something small, But if i've done a UI or other stuff, i would very much appreciate you adding the tip-jar link below.

2. And the donation link code:  Care to tip Deantendo?



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