Updates coming:

CSS releasing their own fluid packer means this machine will find a new home, I plan to avoid breaking existing factories if possible but I need to see what CSS does with theirs before deciding what to do with mine. I appreciate your understanding in the meantime.

I will not be separating out the junctions as there are other features/buildings I intended to add to this mod that will be at home with the junctions, so please bear with me again while I develop those features.

Fluid Extras

Multiplayer friendly. Features a dedicated fluid packing machine, and 4 new fluid junctions styles.

This is a Beta and may contain issues.


  • near term: find a new role for the Fluid Packer
  • Some fluids and their packing unlocks before they should
  • No sounds on Fluid Packer
  • Fix mid-pipe placement for some junctions looking strange
  • Adding packed alumina solution and sulfuric acid
  • Minor visual tweaks and upgrades
  • Extra pipe junction designs
  • long term: New foundry design with fluid input
  • long term: Redesigned water extractors that snap to foundations

Fluid Packer

Pack and unpack all the fluids you want and need without bulky expensive refineries. About the size and power cost of a Foundry this machine will allow you to streamline fluid shipments for vehicles or go up cliffs without pumps.

Pipe Junctions

These four new pipe junction styles don't add much extra utility but should allow you to route your pipes in more visually stylish ways.


Total Xclipse Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyE8kY3U7mU

Check github to see what I'm up to: https://github.com/users/DavidHGillen/projects/1

Or talk to me on the satisfactory modding discord: AngryBeaver#9028

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Created: Sep 1, 2020, 5:21:38 AM
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