Hotfix: fixed rare case where dispensers would fail to give items

Item Dispsensers can now fit under one wall high 1m foundations.

Previous patch notes:

Item Dispensers now have some options you can configure in their Storage UI:

= Toggle partial stack filling (default enabled)

= Set # of stacks to dispense per use (default 1)

= Threshold Fill mode to stop dispensing once you reach the threshold # of item stacks in your inventory (default disabled)

(ex you have 250 Concrete and the dispenser is set to threshold fill 4 stacks -> dispenses 150 Concrete, giving you 400 Concrete total)

Mini Dispensers are now stackable

Shortened the length of Item Dispenser's clearance, so you can now clip the front of it through walls.

All dispensers now play the character's pickup hand grab animation when dispensing


Created: Jul 27, 2020, 12:53:14 AM