What is it?

The Dispenser is a new type of Storage Container that will instantly deposit a full stack of items into your player inventory every time you interact with it from the front. Interacting with any other part (includes front corners) will instead open the Dispenser's 8 slot storage inventory.

The blue tray will display the item it is going to dispense next, and so will the screen on the front (helps with small items like cartridges or iron plates).

How do I use it?

The Dispenser must first be unlocked by completing it's Tier 2 HUB milestone (costs 100 iron plate, 100 iron rods, and 50 rotors), then it can be found in the build gun menu under Organization > Storage and built for 10 iron plate + 10 iron rods + 2 rotors each.

They are exactly as wide as a storage container, slightly shorter in height and significantly shorter in length. It is paintable.

Multiplayer? Modded items?

Both are fully supported as of 1.1.0, or at least should be. Modded items need to have a big (512px) icon set by their dev.


You can find me on the ficsit.app modding discord (search 'Dispenser') if you have any feedback or bug reports.


Milestone icon uses an asset from Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Model and texture assets 'ethically recycled'™ from the Coffee Stain Studios' dumpsters (I still put a ton of work towards making that frankenmachine not look terrible).


Mod spotlight by RandomGamer (this was produced before the item icon screen was added) https://youtu.be/9Y2uneJJkrY

(older models below)
Dispenser Logo


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