Ceiling Power Outlets

  • Fix the connections of the Double Ceiling Power Outlets to the correct place (Thanks Feyko)
  • Moved the location on build menu to WallPoles Category
  • Re-balance the Recipes

Floor Holes, Ceiling Conveyor and Ceiling Splitters/Mergers

  • Realign to connect better to other things in the game

Hyper Tube Hole and Ceiling Support

  • They are not acepting energy anymore (Fixed the energy BUG)
  • Removed a visual bug of the HyperTube Pole

Big Bus

  • Fixed the alignment of the conveyor connectionf

New "Multi Side Hole"

  • A Floor Hole that has 4 inputs and 4 outputs in every direction

Multi Side Hole

New "Underground Belt" (Thanks Andrei)

  • An Input and output belt that are 10m and 30m far from each other

Underground Belt


Created: Jul 27, 2020, 1:57:42 PM