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Sometimes hoverpacks do not work when first equipped, just unequip and requip it!

Adds 3 new hoverpacks, which are jetpacks that have a low power mode that allows you to hover in place, and consumes half as much fuel.

Hold SHIFT while flying to activate hover mode, or press CTRL+H to lock the hoverpack into hover mode.

When locked into hover mode, there is no jetpack drifting.

3 Hoverpacks:

Bio Hoverpack (Teir 2)

  • Fuel: Solid Biofuel (10 to fill)
  • Burns fuel quickly, rises slow.

Hoverpack (Teir 6)

  • Fuel: Packaged Fuel (4 to fill)
  • Equivalent to Jetpack.

Improved Hoverpack (Teir 7)

  • Fuel: Packaged Turbofuel (4 to fill)
  • Burns fuel slowly, rises moderately quickly.
  • Automatically gets a speed boost when flying straight for a few seconds while holding SHIFT.



  • Rewrote entire base of the mod to work more effeciently, and for multiplayer support preparation
    • multiplayer support will hopefully be added soon
  • Changed an ingredient for crafting Improved Hoverpacks to supercomputers.
  • Reworked Improved Hoverpack dash boost, it is no longer stackable.


  • Un-nerf accidental nerf of Improved Hoverpack
  • Fix bug causing hoverpacks to consume fuel twice as fast
  • Removed jetpack drift when locked into hovermode
  • Added forward velocity boost to Improved Hoverpack
    • Activated automatically when flying forward for a few seconds while holding SHIFT.
  • Made interface icon change more effecient
  • Additional balancing


  • Boosted power of Bio Hoverpack a tiny bit.
  • Fixed fuel icon on fuel guage interface.
  • Removed SHIFT+L toggle button
  • Added CTRL+H toggle button
  • Made SHIFT activate hover mode while held


  • Updated Hoverpack icons to be distinct from eachother.
  • Added new milestone icon courtesy of Deantendo#4265.


  • Changed Improved Hoverpack fuel type to Packaged Turbofuel.
  • Made hoverpacks in hover-mode burn fuel at half the normal rate.


  • Initial release

Special thanks to Bando for helping with balancing and feature ideas.

Icon design by Deantendo#4265 Icon stock: https://www.flaticon.com/free-icon/jetpack_948293