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Please save your current map first! Release 0.6 changes some of
the categories/sizes and orientations. I'm sorry if some of your
designs take minimal damage, but I had to make structure changes.

I have now divided many components into new categories. The Pillars,
Tubes and others, can now be found individually. In the Category
Platform you will find Special Components. The biggest change,
however, are the new recipes.

Nothing is for free^^

In the next Versions, these categories will be filled, and more :)

I hope you enjoy the new version

Infos, Installation and more

This modification adds, new Construction Parts and Buildable Stuff.
Most of them are Cosmetics, but very useful. I created this to be
able to expand the buildings a lil bit.

Installation and Infos

  1. IMPORTANT!!! First, Download and install the latest version of SML
  2. Download the MoarFactory Mod and unpack the Files
  3. Delete the JSON File. You don't need it
  4. Copy/paste, Move the...
    • MoarFactory_p.pak
    • MoarFactory_p.sig
    to \SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Content\Paks
    • MoarFactory.dll
    to \SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64\mods

    You'll find the unlock in your HUB for Tier4

    bild.png bild.png
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