FICSIT Augmentation Database
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This modification adds, new Construction Parts and Buildable Stuff. Most of them are Cosmetics, but very useful. I created this to be able to expand the buildings a lil more bit.

Installation and Infos

  1. IMPORTANT!!! First, Download and install the latest version of SML
  2. Download the MoarFactory Mod and unpack the Files
  3. Delete the JSON File. You don't need it
  4. Copy/paste, Move the...
    • MoarFactory_p.pak
    • MoarFactory_p.sig
    to \SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Content\Paks
    • MoarFactory.dll
    to \SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64\mods
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Created: Aug 29, 2019, 10:37:31 PM
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Downloads: 3,877