Aquila Industrial

Have satellite cameras aimed at your entire world with online access. Build with Deantendo.

Icons, UI and ideas by Deantendo#4265 -

Launch the Satellite and have access to all your cameras.


  • New item to build: Satellite
  • New milestones: 2 on Tier 5


  • See all parts of the map clicking on it
  • See your location
  • Move around the map
  • Set a coordinate to see
  • Orthographic or Perspective Cameras
  • Allow you to save 10 locations (Droping a beacon on it too)
  • Spawn Explorer
  • Drop Bombs
  • Put Beacons
  • Paint regions with colors
  • When away from SpySat, use the remote view pressing F5 to enter/exit. F7/F8 - Zoom. 2 - F10- Orth/Persp View.







Know Bugs:

  • Setting coord after the coord you have setted, dont show and you have to close/open the widget to mark correctly
  • View Sliders dont work (but dont affect what you can do using other buttons)
  • No Keybindings on the View Widget
  • No dropping Nobelisks
  • The deployment of Explorers are happening even if you didnt research the Milestone
  • Doesnt allow putting beacons thought the SpySat yet
  • Need to change to high definition maps
  • Pressing ESC in view menu bugs it.
  • Pressing F5 on the ground, and not on a foundation, can make the player fall from the map.

Any ideas / Suggestion / Need Some Help / Bug Report :

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Icon /UIs and Graphic Advices by Deantendo#4265 -

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