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Syncs your online games to a cloud server so they can be played when you aren't hosting them.

How It Works:

Whenever you are hosting a "friends only" game and you save. The save is uploaded to a cloud server. When your friends want to play, they can use the MPSync menu to find your cloud save, download it and host it themselves.


There is a help button in the in-game MPSync menu. This has many FAQ answers. Should you need further assistance you can join the Satisfactory Modding Discord Channel and ask there. Either myself or someone there will be happy to help.

Known Issues:

There seems to be an issue when you are logged in to Satisfactory with both Epic and Steam. I am yet to come up with a solution for this so it is probably best to log out of Epic if you plan on using Steam. This can be done via the Satisfactory->Online menu.

Data Security:

All data that is sent to the remote server is sent via SSL and requires a valid authorization code to be passed.

Only 2 files for each save is stored on the remote server. There is data about the save which looks like as follows;

   "originalOwner":"76561198081088435", //This is the uniquie ID (steamID or epicID) of the original host. (Mattigins for the example)
   "mapName":"My Saved Game", //This is the name of your game session.
   "mapType":"Grass Fields", //This is the type of map your save is on.
   "saveFile":"My_Saved_Game_autosave_0", //This is the name of your save file.
   "lastSave":"1596331272", //This is a unix timestamp, handled server side so MPSync knows when the last save was.
   "hostedBy":"Mattigins"  //If someone is currently playing, their player name appears here.

and of course the actual save file.

Once the data and save reaches the remote server, they are immediately salted and encrypted with a sha256 hash and become an unreadable string of characters.

The above data would become something like this;


Support Me:

I've put many hours and sleepless nights in to this mod. It would be appreciated if you could throw a couple bucks my way if you like the mod.

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